WPC 2015 Content Areas

WPC has something for everyone. Whether you're interested in learning the path to profitability within your customer segment or partner type, or looking for the latest opportunity with specific Microsoft products, or want to strengthen your business leadership skills, we have sessions for you. Below are just some of the content areas you can expect find sessions on at WPC, and we’re hard at work planning more each day. In the Session Catalog you can easily identify sessions that align with these areas of focus to find those that address your specific business needs. Remember we’ll add more content areas of focus and more sessions weekly, so check back often for updates.

If you would like to review the specific sessions in each Content Area- click on the Content Area name below.

Leadership The Leadership sessions bring you the latest thinking and trends from industry analysts, innovation experts and your peers. Get real-time, actionable ideas that you can implement in your business now, including insights about creating high performance work environments, negotiation strategies, storytelling, and more, all in a Mobile-first, Cloud-first world.
Cloud + Enterprise Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise products can help drive profitability and growth for your business by developing and delivering powerful new solutions and services for your customers’ rapidly changing IT environments. Get insights into new capabilities across private/public/hybrid clouds, big data, and the Internet of Things. Discover how to build applications that can deliver capabilities across a wide range of devices and operating systems. Gain a competitive advantage and reduce costs by increasing resource availability and driving efficiency using Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, System Center, SQL Server and other services.
Cloud Resellers Cloud Resellers - Delivering Value Add to SMBs Worldwide

Microsoft is innovating in the Cloud, bringing productivity, infrastructure, and business solutions to customers worldwide. Cloud-based services are unlocking the gates to millions of new SMB businesses around the globe and Microsoft Resellers are poised to empower them with the best solutions in the marketplace. Learn about this new wave of entrepreneurial SMBs: who they are, what they need, and how Microsoft is enabling you through Cloud SureStep to meet their business needs. Walk away with clear strategies for marketing to, and engaging with, today’s Cloud-first SMBs, including how to scale your Cloud practice across multiple Cloud services and hybrid solutions, and build a profitable business using the Microsoft Cloud SureStep approach. Leave with a deep understanding of how to leverage the power of Microsoft Cloud solutions and programs in order to build a solid business plan that accelerates your pipeline, maximizes profits, and helps your customers realize their full potential at this exciting time.
Compete When you think about growing or starting a new practice, you look at two things: how great the opportunity and how big the threat from competitors. WPC Compete sessions are designed to help you understand what you need to do in the face of that competition and learn how some of your peers have developed thriving practices in the face of some of the toughest competitors on the planet.
Corporate Accounts Deepen your understanding of the Microsoft Cloud strategy and how to leverage the Microsoft story to win in a Cloud-first marketplace. Hear our FY16 vision and how our Cloud-first Sales Operating Model will empower you to innovate and drive productivity using Cloud. Learn about improvements and investments Microsoft is making to better work with our partners, how to best use resources available to you, and how we’ll partner to drive business growth into FY16 and beyond.
Distributor As Microsoft technology and the partner ecosystem continue to evolve, the opportunity for Distribution partners to transform the channel, capture the market, and delight SMB customers with Cloud-based solutions and services is unprecedented. Learn how to ignite multiple Cloud services and hybrid solutions, unleash profitability potential through customer lifecycle management, and build Mobile-first, Cloud-first muscle in FY16. There has never been a better time to be a Microsoft Distribution partner—join us to learn more.
Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics enables businesses and employees to be successful by providing a suite of easy-to-learn and easy-to-use business solutions tailored to your market, designed for your business size, and dedicated to growing your business through making your customers happy. Explore current Microsoft Dynamics product capabilities, and the new innovations planned for the medium- and long-term, as well as the opportunities for enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management in the Cloud. Hear about our continued commitment to delivering a comprehensive solution.
Enterprise Partners The Enterprise Partner group of sessions offers partners an excellent opportunity to understand Microsoft’s partner strategies and sales plays across key products and Cloud services to help partners sell services into Microsoft’s largest customers. Learn about new programs, initiatives, and incentives, and gain key insights around aligning and engaging with the Microsoft field. Learn how to develop, accelerate, and close pipeline with EPG customers to drive sales, deployment, and consumption of Microsoft products and Cloud services.
Hosting For nearly a decade, Microsoft infrastructure and productivity solutions have been a winning combination for hosting and managed service providers. Microsoft Cloud technology offers the best-in-class integrated services that help your customers move faster, do more, and save money. Customer demand for Cloud and hybrid is expected to reach $108B by 2017. By offering hybrid Cloud solutions—and value added services—Hosters can drive additional cloud consumption revenue for services and become trusted advisors for their customers.

Hear from industry experts how to take advantage of the Microsoft Cloud with hybrid scenarios to transform and accelerate growth for service providers. Key areas of focus and best practices that are addressed include:
  • Taking advantage of the Microsoft Cloud Platform and offering customers hybrid solutions
  • Driving SQL server workloads and scenarios
  • Real-world experiences of the Cloud Solution Provider program, unique GTM opportunities and future roadmap
Hosting and Managed Service Providers are strategic partners for Microsoft as we strive to offer the most complete cloud for every business and organization to thrive in the mobile-first, cloud-first world.
Independent Software Vendor Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are a vital part of Microsoft’s partner ecosystem, creating and developing innovative software applications. To maintain your competitive edge, participate in the ISV sessions at WPC 2015 to hear first-hand from Microsoft and other industry leaders on key technology trends, along with guidance and best practices to grow your software business by leveraging Windows 10 and the Microsoft Cloud platform. Gain an understanding of the numerous Microsoft resources and programs designed to help you build apps, increase revenue, and expand new market opportunities.
Learning Experience Disruptive innovations have catapulted companies beyond very successful competitors that have been unable to foresee, forestall, or embrace them. Faced with the twin disruptions of the cloud and mobile devices, Microsoft has transformed itself from a seller of packaged products to a provider of software services. What does Microsoft's shift to services- including learning as a service- mean for your business and organization? How can you harness the disruption of on-demand learning for new opportunities? How will Microsoft support you as you evolve your organization's training needs? To find out, join Microsoft's Learning Experiences group in our sessions on Monday and Tuesday.
Microsoft IT Showcase Customers often want to know how Microsoft deploys its own technologies. What were the initial catalysts for change? The challenges? The benefits? We have those answers. Microsoft IT Showcase provides what no one else can—the inside story of how Microsoft does IT.

By sharing the practical stories of how Microsoft rolls out technology solutions across its own environment, you can inspire your customers and help inform their most crucial IT business decisions for planning, deploying, managing, and securing Microsoft solutions and innovative scenarios in their own environment.
We help you deliver a pitch perfect approach to your customers with:
  • Business and technical white papers, case studies, and videos.
  • Productivity and readiness guidance that drives technology adoption.
  • User experiences that can be implemented in any environment using our technologies.
  • Firsthand engagements with Microsoft IT subject matter experts (SMEs).
Microsoft Partner Network Looking to learn more about your opportunities as a Microsoft partner? The MPN sessions help you better understand our investments in you as a partner, what’s coming in the future, and how Microsoft supports your Cloud business transformation. We offer updates on benefits, technical support, competencies, training, and more—all to help you make the most of your MPN membership.
Office 365 Office 365 is the fastest-growing commercial product in Microsoft history—and partners like you are a big reason why. Three out of every four Office 365 customer deployments are partner-led. Learn how Office 365 can drive revenue for your practice. The opportunity extends across the customer lifecycle—from initial sale through adoption, management, and support. Hear from your peers how Office 365 is driving their profitability and successes. Learn how to sell and pitch the value of Office 365. Beyond your initial sales, discover more about your role in driving Office 365 adoption to maximize your managed services opportunities. Find out about Microsoft’s significant investments in your success, including how we’re generating leads that can connect you with prospective customers. Finally, learn the latest about Cloud Solution Provider, a new channel program that puts you front and center across the Office 365 customer lifecycle.

Whether you’re brand new to Office 365, or have sold a deal or two and want to grow your Office 365 business, we have sessions for you.
Partner Profitablity Join us for the Partner Profitablity half day deep dives taking place Sunday and Tuesday afternoon and learn how you can maximize your profitablity in the cloud. You'll learn how to accelerate your transition to the cloud with ways to increase your share of wallet with existing customers, practices that improve profitablity, and investments and strategies that create a stronger market valuation for your business. You will hear best practices from top cloud partners for increasing profitability and gain visibility into new tools available to help you explore new revenue with Microsoft Cloud Services. Sunday registration requested, register now.
Public Sector If your business focuses on education, health, government, public safety, or defense, WPC 2015 is the perfect way for you to learn about priorities for the coming year and to meet with Microsoft executives. Back by popular demand will be our executive panel and roundtables, followed by industry sessions and Microsoft CityNext. Focus areas include equipping our mutual customers with a modern cloud platform and helping them to transform the way they collaborate, create content and work in a mobile world.  
Software Asset Management Interested in Software Asset Management (SAM)? At WPC 2015, you’ll learn about all of the new engagement type opportunities SAM has to offer, like driving tremendous business growth for both you and your customers by reducing IT costs and maximizing productivity. You’ll also find out about upcoming changes, cutting-edge resources, and tools designed to save you time, and solve real-world SAM challenges—all of which can help you offer more value to your customers than ever before.
Windows Client People are more mobile than ever and are always looking to find the right balance between doing the things they want to do and what they have to do. With Windows 10 we want to enable people to achieve more, while helping them find this balance. Learn how to help customers achieve more with Windows 10 and how it enables you to drive more revenue, differentiate yourself, and leverage existing skills to become a more trusted advisor to your customers. Learn how Windows 10 helps you grow your business by unlocking device opportunities, accelerating your Cloud services attach, increasing the ROI from your infrastructure services, enhancing your app profitability, and capturing new licensing opportunities. Microsoft experts on Windows 10 share information about resources, programs, sales guidance, and incentives you can use to take full advantage of the opportunities out there.
Windows Embedded IoT If you are interested in working specifically with Windows Embedded and the Internet of Things (IoT) aligned suite of products, then this is the place for you. In the IoT Device Experience sessions, engage with experts from Microsoft and IoT ecosystem partners, with an emphasis on partner needs around creating and implementing unique devices and services.