General Sessions

General Sessions are delivered by senior Microsoft executives and other thought leaders and are tailored to your business segment, product family and/or partner type. General Sessions outline the key priorities for your business and discuss the most important issues facing business leaders today. Executive speakers will share their vision around the challenges you are facing and discuss how we can solve them together to meet the needs of your customers. Click here to filter on all General Sessions in the session catalog


Leadership in a modern era

Peggy Johnson and Phil Sorgen


Building trust in the post-Snowden era

Brad Smith and Phil Sorgen


Building successful partnerships

Peggy Johnson

Cloud + Enterprise

The new Power BI - integrate, extend and embed

James Phillips

Cloud + Enterprise

Growing your business with Azure

Jason Zander

Cloud + Enterprise

The Microsoft data platform: the opportunity is bigger than you may think

Barbara Edson

Cloud + Enterprise

Building a hybrid cloud business with Microsoft

Takeshi Numoto and Garth Fort

Cloud Resellers

Winning in SMB with Cloud: the year of acquiring and delighting customers

Carol Roth and David Smith

Corporate Accounts

Accelerating Growth in Corporate Accounts

Jennifer Heard

LSP General Session

LSP general session

Vahe Torossian and Olivier Dispas


Delight SMBs globally through distribution

Thomas Hansen


Capture the opportunity with Microsoft Dynamics at the core of reinventing cloud productivity and business processes

Neil Holloway

Enterprise Partners

How Microsoft technologies are driving the next wave of growth, innovation, and opportunity for partners of all sizes

Susan Hauser with Boaz Hecht, Nancy Savage, Robert Duffner


Seize the moment: drive greater profitability with Microsoft cloud solutions for Hosting and Cloud Service Providers

Aziz Benmalek

Independent Software Vendor

ISV general session: the Internet of things and the rise of intelligent machines

Kim Akers and James Whittaker

Microsoft IT Showcase

Executive insights on securing the enterprise

Bret Arsenault

Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft partner programs and opportunities

Gavriella Schuster

Office 365

Catch up to Office 365…this cloud service has left the station

Tanuj Bansal

Public Sector

Public Sector in FY16: growth and new business opportunities

Anthony Salcito, Jamie Wylly, Mark Day, Per Bendix Olson, Robert Bernard, Toni Townes-Whitley

Skype for Business

The future of universal communications from Microsoft Skype for Business

Giovanni Mezgec and Niilo Fredrikson

Software Asset Management

SAM General Session - Building a Successful SAM Practice in FY16 and Beyond

Dinis Couto and Mike Kennedy

US Partner

Microsoft North America general session: selling experiences to win

Judson Althoff

Windows Client

The Windows 10 opportunity

Adrianna Burrows and Jeremy Korst